Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New York Historical Society: Cholera Exhibit

From now until November 2, 2008, the New York Historical Society will run its new Plague in Gotham! Cholera in Nineteenth-Century New York exhibit. For those who cannot visit the society, the NYHS has created a very interesting blog that promises to be updated weekly with material from the exhibit. From the online component you can view documents such as Cholera remedy pamphlets, original sketches of patients, Cholera death counts from the health department in 1832, and much more. The blog also offers detailed accounts of Cholera victims and caretakers, and shows how the plague exacerbated class distinctions and racial divides.

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Laura said...

Hi Kim, I found your blog through MyBlogLog - it looks really interesting, and I will be back!

I added you as a contact at MyBlogLog, BTW

I found this post really interesting, as most of my roots are in NYC.